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Traditional surgery

If you have chronic back pain, neck pain or pain that radiates into the arms or legs, surgery might be the only way to eliminate or treat the problem causing that pain. Many times, traditional surgery becomes necessary when other nonsurgical or minimally invasive procedures do not offer needed relief. The orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons at Novant Health Total Spine Specialists have devoted their careers solely to diseases and disorders involving the spine. They are among the most experienced back surgeons in our region, and their patients benefit from this experience.

When you come to Novant Health Total Spine Specialists, our full complement of diagnostic tests and procedures will help your physician quickly uncover the cause of your problem and outline the treatment options available to you. If you and your surgeon determine traditional surgery is the best course of treatment, you and your caregivers will have time to discuss the recommended procedure and ask any questions you might have.

Among the traditional surgeries our back surgeons and orthopaedic surgeons regularly complete are:

Peripheral nerve surgery

The brain and spine are at the center of your body's nervous system. Problems with nerves in other parts of the body, including carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome, are linked to nerves in your spine. The surgeons at Novant Health Total Spine Specialists understand the delicate ways the nerves in your body interact, and regularly complete surgical procedures to reduce carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel nerve pain.

Surgery for spinal tumors

Tumors, or abnormal cell growths, can either start in the spine or can spread from other parts of the body to the spine. Tumors that begin to press on the spinal cord or nerve roots can cause discomfort and can lead to permanent damage to the spine. Tumors with the potential to damage the spinal cord require quick action. Surgery can remove the whole tumor or a part of the tumor to relieve pressure on the spine and limit damage.


A laminectomy is a procedure to remove part or all of a vertebrae to relieve pressure on the spine. The pressure is often caused by injury, a herniated disc, spinal stenosis or a tumor. A herniated disc, for instance, might be pressing against spinal nerves. By removing all or part of the disc, that pressure is relieved. A laminectomy usually requires a hospital stay, and is often only considered after less invasive methods of pain relief have failed. Please click here to learn more about the laminectomy procedure.

Spinal fusion

Spinal fusion surgery, also called spine fusion surgery, is a procedure that joins two vertebrae in the spine permanently using a bone graft. This procedure is performed for patients with spinal fractures or other injuries; weak spines caused by infections or tumors; or conditions causing spinal deformities such as spondylolisthesis, scoliosis or kyphosis. Spinal fusion is often suggested only after other procedures like laminectomy fail to deliver needed relief.

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