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Minimally invasive surgery

Minimally invasive surgery is often one of the most effective ways to address back or neck pain. It can offer nearly immediate relief and a quicker recovery time than traditional surgery. In many cases, since incisions are smaller and fewer, there is less risk of infection. Procedures can often be completed on an outpatient basis, and most patients can return to work within days. NOTE: You might also hear minimally invasive surgery referred to as "laser surgery." These surgeries use lights focused through small tubes, but not true lasers. Our minimally invasive surgeries use the most advanced technologies available, but we do not refer to these surgeries as "laser surgeries" since they don't involve lasers. If you have any additional questions about this, please do not hesitate to call our office.

Colored spine imageOur spine surgeons are board certified in these advanced surgical techniques, and are some of the only physicians in the state of North Carolina elected to the prestigious Cervical Spine Research Society. They are also active in the North American Spine Society, a group devoted to promoting quality spinal care and advancing surgical techniques in the field. These associations benefit our patients by keeping our physicians informed of the very latest developments in minimally invasive surgery.

More than half of the surgeries performed by Total Spine Specialists are minimally invasive procedures. This means less need for traditional surgeries including spine fusion procedures or disc replacement surgeries.

Among the more common minimally invasive surgical procedures we perform are:

Microendoscopic spine surgery

Microendoscopic spine surgery is a procedure used to provide relief from a number of ailments including herniated discs or nerve compression caused by bone spurs in the back or neck. As opposed to traditional surgery, very small incisions are used to access the affected area of the spine. Then, the surgeon uses a tool called a scope to complete the necessary procedure through the very small incision.

Cervical microendoscopic discectomy

A cervical microendoscopic discectomy, also called a microdiscectomy, is a type of microendoscopic surgery that removes bone or portions of a herniated or diseased disc that is causing neck pain or pain radiating into the arm. This happens because the bone or disc begins pressing on nerve roots. In this surgery, all necessary instruments are inserted through a small tube placed in the back. Once surgery is complete, that tube is removed and only a small surface wound remains.

Lumbar microendoscopic discectomy

A lumbar microendoscopic discectomy is another type of endoscopic surgery for herniated discs. It relieves the pain of discs pressing on nerve roots. All instruments for this surgery are inserted through a small tube placed in the back. After surgery, the tube is removed. This is typically an outpatient procedure and offers a relatively quick recovery time.

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